Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat Recovery Ventilator designed exclusive for poultry houses with low maintenance, cleaner, dryer litter, less ammonia in the air and easy assembling.


In 2021-2022 a test Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) was installed in one chicken house on a poultry farm in southern Missouri. The testing location had 8 poultry broiler houses in use. The test of the HRV was performed over the course of several months through 5 flocks or growing cycles of birds.

Over the course of testing, the HRV performed above expectations. The test house was found to have a more constant temperature, less fuel usage, drier/healthier air, lower mortality rate of the birds, as well as minimal maintenance of the unit.

By utilizing the heat recovered from the heated inside air, the efficiency of heat recovery rose to an average of 59%.


Product Details


The data showed that the air temperature inside the house remained more constant than in the control houses due to the heat recovered in the HRV from the condensate air. Normally, the hot and cold air creates condensation when mixed. This results in moist air and fluctuating temperatures. By recapturing the already-warmed air; the test house temperature was able to maintain a more constant internal temperature and fewer hot/cold zones.


By recovering the warm, ventilated air, less fuel was required to heat the cold outside air. This is an approximate savings of 50% of the normal fuel cost for the test poultry house.


The temperature difference in typical heat recovery units (where cold and hot air do not mix) typically generates condensation. By using the captured warm air and mixing it with the fresh air from outside the poultry house, the Gupex HRV removes moisture from the air. (The heat exchanger plates within the unit contributed to more warm air recovered in the process.)


The poultry house with the HRV showed a decrease in poultry mortality rates. The test house mortality rate was, on average, 26% lower than the control houses on the farm. *Results may vary from house to house, and farm to farm as each condition may have varying factors.


The HRV operated throughout the flock without clogging. A key feature of the Gupex heat exchanger is the lack of filtration that can become clogged with litter dust, grain dust, and down feathers, costing valuable time to keep equipment online. This unit is easily and quickly cleaned by rinsing off the Hx plates with a common garden hose.



DIY Step 1

Easy to assemble

Heat Recovery Ventilator is delivered in 2 packages with assembly instructions.
(Estimated assembly time: 1 day)


DIY Step 2


Product details Dimensions

5000 cfm unit
H: 91.7″
W(b): 67.1″
W(t): 78.7″


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